80 series RTT part time

This is probably super niche, but seeing as this product is super niche, it may be Perfecto.

I have a V2 RTT on an RSI smart cap but I also own an 80 series land cruiser… I am tempted to buy the gutter mounts for the 80 and potentially be able to swap the tent truck to truck.

When I don’t have the tent on the 80, do you think the gutter mounts could support a beef bar? I’m thinking I would be better off having an adapter bracket fabbed up for an 80/20 bar or something.

Gluttonous thoughts anyone?


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The gutter mount would not be able to hold a beef rack because of the way the beef racks mount to the side of the tent. You would be better off trying an 80/20 bar if you wanted to go that route. The holes are 3 inches from center to center so if you can find something that is wide enough, shouldn’t be super hard. The tent is what keeps those mounts square so if you are going to go this route I would make sure that the mounts don’t wobble back and forth especially if you are carrying load. We don’t endorse it, but anything is possible

I see, yeah totally understood, just figured id spitball the idea.

So if I were to make an adapter plate I’d want all the weight to be on bolts perpendicular and inward to the mounts. Not pushing down on top of the GFC gutter mounts?

Either way will work. That mount is designed to move around before being tightened onto the gutter so I would just make sure it is tight and in the upright position. You can put weight on the top of them as that is what bears the load of the tent itself.