A closer look at the GFC Flight Deck

@Mike_GFCUSA and I took some time this weekend and put together a video that answers some of the questions we’ve received about our new bed storage system. It’s on sale now for long and short bed Tacomas (join the mailing list for the coupon code), and will be available for other vehicles in the future :robot:.

Hatch Adventures Tacoma? Lol it looks similar.

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Did you signup for this one?


Instagram is their website


@DoubleDown they both sign you up for the same newsletter :wink:

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@GFC_Taylor @Mike_GFCUSA Any updates on when you guys are going to start shipping these things?

6 to 8 weeks from the time they’re ordered for now. Potentially sooner, but since it’s a new product it may need a bit of a buffer.