A little lock upgrade

Little lock upgrade.

Hobby paint (or paint pen) to mark locked and unlocked.

Flat side of the key goes in on the painted side.

No more jiggling USB style to figure out which is which.

Helpful because the orientation of the locking mechanism isn’t consistent all around.

Saves me hours a day


Wish I saw this earlier. I have the key positions memorized now but this would have been extremely helpful no doubt. Might do it anyway in case I have someone else unlock the camper. Nice tip!

I did it because I didn’t want to memorize the positions in the first place!

Also, nice awning - do you still recommend it?

I do recommend the awning. I have got more comments from people on the dang awning then the camper. Once you deploy it a couple times it’s fast and simple. I’m very happy with it.

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Excellent. I was actually just coming on here to complain about how much I hate these latches and this is one of the main complains. I’m not sure why they couldn’t all be installed in the same orientation but mine are all random and I waste a bunch of time jiggling the key around trying to figure out which way is the right way. Thanks!

Dealing with the same frustration about the locks. I was thinking about how they could be replaced entirely. Wanted to share the post I wrote in case any of you had an idea about how a cable-pull mechanism might be accomplished.