A way to try out a GFC before buying?

I’m trying to make the case for a GFC for camping with my wife and dogs, but she’s resisting. I have no idea how this would even be possible, but figure the question might have been asked before or a solution discussed. I think an outdoorsy.com way to rent someone’s truck for a weekend is the only way it might happen… has anyone seen a different solution? (I’m near Boulder CO, so swinging by the GFC headquarters isn’t feasible.)

Not very helpful for you CO, but I did just that and rented from Cypress Overland in the SF Bay Area, CA. They have a Tacoma with a V1.1 GFC.

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Looks like they’ve shut down during covid but might be worth a shot.

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Thanks, its a bit of a drive, but good to know there are places out there. (c:

I’ve seen quite a few expedition trailers for rent in CO. You could try renting one of those with a rtt on top. Then the next day, “Look, honey! That trip was great, right? But wouldn’t it be better if we didn’t have to tow it?!”


LOL, yes that would be a possible route… though she is already of a mind that she wants something to tow, with a kitchen, etc.

@jgates Hey friend! I’m in Boulder CO as well and I should be getting my GFC sometime in March. I would totally be up for a meet up, let’s stay in contact.

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That sounds great! I’m really wanting to see a v2 in person. I imagine you’re super excited!

I pick mine up TOMORROW (: Will be back in Denver area on Sunday. Come check it out anytime.


Awesome! Congrats! What kind of truck? Tacoma?

Yep, 3rd gen taco. The GFC is the first step in phase 2 of this build. The saw is coming out once the weather starts warming up (:

What’s up @jgates! I’m in Longmont if you’re interested in taking a look at my setup. I’d be happy to give you and the wife a quick rundown at the very least.

Shouldn’t you be out camping today!? This is perfect GFC camping weather. =oP I’ll follow up with you on timing. (c:

I’m in Castle Rock and seriously considering a GFC. I would love to see one in person discuss any “lessons learned” you may have about your purchase. I hate to inconvenience you but if you are willing let me know. Thanks

I wish the weather was a bit better this weekend and I’d just meet you over at 105 to grab a beer. I’m right at the Littleton/Englewood line. You can come check it out anytime.

Hey Ted, there’s a thread for the Four Corner States with a bunch of people from Colorado. I’m in Boulder but could meet up to show you around the GFC.