Ability to raise the charging voltage for AGM batteries

Some interesting talk over at TW that it’s possible to raise the charging voltage to accommodate AGM batteries with VF/OV tuner.

for those with a second gen there is a pretty simple solution -

Yes and this would really only make sense for someone already utilizing the VF/OV tune.

I’ve been using the Aussie 0.5v booster fuse referenced in that TW thread. Works perfectly.

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Yeah with the 3rd gens the alternator output can be increased to supply 14.3-14.6v. I’ve flashed many trucks with success and it keeps the float charge as needed by these AGM batteries.

yeah i am pretty stoked on mine too, awesome simple solution for sure

The HKB booster fuse only works with 1st and 2nd gens. Mine took a month to get here from down-unda, but works as advertised. Voltage is at 14.6 when cold, 14.1 w/hot engine bay…should he a flat .5v increase over stock.

Quick edit…the AGM suggested charging voltage of 14.4-14.8v is met with this fuse. I was a little concerned it dropped to 14.1 at idle with a warm engine bay…I got a scangauge hooked up and around town%freeway usage voltage is showing 14.4

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