Abnormal wind noise

Has anyone experienced a high pitched wind whistle from their Superlite? There is the expectable low pitched hum from typical wind noise, but there has developed a second, sharp whistle coming from my roof.

It could be from some dynamic between my (very standard) roof rack and the superlite, but has anyone else experienced this, and moreover, has anyone solved it?


No issues with mine. I’ve had it mounted flush to a Rhino Rack and now on GFC quick release mounts and no whistling.

I have quite a bit of wind noise. My fabric does not fit the panels properly so the velcro is useless in many spots. This leads to fabric flapping in the wind. I have to crank the radio otherwise it is irritating.

Anyone find any fixes other than cranking the radio? :laughing:

I have had many different cargo boxes/racks on my outback with little noise issues, but the way the superlite sounds like a tea kettle and is screaming whenever I am driving. If anyone has any ideas of ways to fix that, my ear drums would much appreciate it!

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Many miles and nights in the Superlite have made me notice what works best.

Definitely without anything in it, or even a deflated mattress, the Superlite is louder — the loose fabric and those holes on the underside cause that whistling. It needs some tension.

On trips, what has worked for us has been to keep it mostly full: an inflated mattress, some blankets. Most recent trip we added a 1.5" memory foam topper which padded it out and cut down even more noise and in this state is almost unnoticeable below 70mph.

Couple of other things that may help that we devised solutions for other small issues: I have some shock cord that loops through the receiving end of the strap hooks — I look this around the strap hook as a failsafe against the hooks coming undone (which happened a few times at higher speeds — GFC has noted this as an issue and has been looking into it). This keeps the strap super taut. In addition, the loop you pull on to loosen and tighten might be an issue. There is the webbing that’s already on there, but I added double-sided Velcro strips/straps around each end to tighten it down and keep those flappy ends tucked in (also a solution to stop the wind from loosening up the straps and causing the hooks to come out). Seems to help.


Hey @Jrawls777 ! Did you figure out a solution for the whistle? I just got back from a trip and ran into the exact same issue and was thinking a wind deflector would help, but it’s odd that this issue only happens to a handful of people. Thanks in advance!

Hey!! I haven’t yet, and I think about it all the time. I keep meaning to wrap various places in duct tape to see what finally stops, but haven’t.

Question tho, do you have the offset brackets by chance?

Thanks for all the info! I’ve definitely noted that a lot of wind noise is reduced if everything is tucked in nicely, and if more of the fabric is kept taught, wish they would have been a little more generous with the velcro haha. And thats great beta with the shock cord.