About the For Sale category

For Sale listings only.

It’s important to keep your listings concise and highlight the most important information. Be transparent about the condition of the item, issues, or cosmetic damage. Pricing should be fair and in line with market value.

Try to include:

  • Subject: For sellers, start your subject line with "For Sale:” or “FS:” and be specific and concise about the item you’re selling. For hopeful buyers, start with “Want to Buy:” or “WTB”.

  • Photo(s): Including a photo of the item is highly recommended as it helps potential buyers visualize the item.

  • Item Description/ Condition: Clearly describe the item and its condition, including any upgrades or modifications that have been made. If the item is used, note any usage, issues, or cosmetic damage.

  • Why You’re Selling: Including the reason for selling is not required, but it can be helpful for buyers to understand why the item is being sold.

  • Location: Include the location of the item and whether you’re willing to ship it.

  • Price: Suggest a fair market price for the item, but ultimately the final price is up to you.

Once you have sold an item, please edit your subject line and lead with, “SOLD”. You can then close or delete the topic via the wrench icon on the right hand side of the screen.

It is important to note that personal information, such as phone numbers and email, should be shared via personal message with the buyer or seller. Moderators will remove any personal information from posts/ replies.

How can I edit or delete a post? My RTT is under contract.