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Connect with other interesting GFC owners to share stories and plan exciting adventures together. Join regional chapters and check out our events calendar.

The Meetups category is the perfect place to connect with other GFC owners and plan exciting adventures together. With thousands of GFC owners, you’re sure to find adventurous and interesting people to meet, befriend and adventure with. In this category, you’ll find information on GFC-hosted events, meetups near you, regional chapters, and a comprehensive events calendar to keep you up-to-date on all the latest happenings. Whether you own a Platform Camper, Topper, RTT, or SuperLite, this is the spot for our owners to connect.

Explore the subcategories and introduce yourself to the community. Be sure to join your regional chapter and make an introduction to the group, but don’t hesitate to check in to other areas you travel. It’s your chance to explore, meet more owners like you, and find a new spot to pop your GFC.