Accessory Hooks for Hanging Stuff & More!

If anyone needs hooks hangers or brackets or a rechargeable LED light setup… check out the gadgets I am designing for the GFC T-slot rails that are tool-less friction mounted. All American made and I do custom orders if people are interested. Lumbering Bear Adventure Gear

Interior Hook (Pair) - $12.00

This hook is designed for the interior of the GFC and fits into the ceiling track. Hang whatever you like such as lanterns, bags, or water bottle via carabiner.

  • Not weight yet weight rated

Atlas T-Slot Awning Anchor - $18.00

Atlas is designed for anchoring a 270 awning wing, or anything else you can use it for. I created it originally with a friction fit but soon realized that’s not enough. Adding the hardware gives it the anchor it needs.

  • Uses GFC T-Slot hardware
  • Only mounts horizontally
  • Specifically designed to anchor laterally

Prometheus T-Slot Hanger - $10.00

Designed for you hanging your items and whatever you want.

  • Fits standard carabiner
  • Holds sun shower/ large dramedary style bags
  • Not weight tested

Twist Loc Lantern Hanger - $12.00

The Lumbering Bear Twist-Loc hanger fits on the support bar of the GFC back door. It works for holding the lantern that comes with the LB LED light kit or any other light bags.

  • L and R to fit both sides.

Ripley RTT & Camper Tent Pulldown - $26.40

Tool-less friction mounted pull down strap for GFC camper and RTT

  • comes with 2 pull down devices
  • adjustable 37" long.
  • 1" wide heavy duty nylon webbing.

LB T-Slot Light Bracket Kit - $38.00

This mounts by hand, like all our other 3d printed hangers and brackets for the GFC camper. It comes with a bracket to mount to the inside using the grommet hardware in your V2 frame. It also includes a LED lightbulb shaped lantern for hanging inside your tent or use it in cabana mode batteries included. 500lumen LED light and Bracket for GFC T-Slot rail (pictured).

  • 1x Cradle
  • 1x Interior mount
  • 1x Bulb LED lantern
  • 1 x USB Rechargeable LED Flood
  • 4 modes
  • Waterproof
  • Bottle opener

These are cool!

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We use his interior hooks to hang a small mesh stuff sack that holds all that stuff that you want to take with you to bed. To me it is the easiest solution that you can keep changing until you get it how you want it, and unlike permanently mounted storage solutions it’s easy to just grab the bag and take it “downstairs” or to the truck cab. His track light LED is a super simple and effective solution for lighting the truck bed and exterior without running a bunch of wires that you may decide to move in the future. I think it may well be all I ever do for lighting, but I think it is a particularly good idea for those of us who don’t have a lot of time in our GFC yet and are in the process of figuring out how we want the final product to look. Highly recommended!

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Thankyou for that, truly appreciate the support!! I’m working on a lightweight awning alternative too.

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Love it ….keep up the good work👆🏽

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Thank you! Toughest part is pushing to the next step to make the awing design manufacturable for a good price point.