Accessory question. Prime beef or regular beef rack package?

Which rack did you go with. Prime or regular. Prime comes with a windscreen. Is the windscreen helpful. Does it buffer wind well?

The V2 camper doesn’t need the windshield. The V2 already has a built-in windshield. The windshield is only for the V1 campers from my understanding. On V1 campers it does make a difference For helping prevent whistling wind noise.


I went with the regular on my XL just because I dont need the Prime. I’m sure that the prime will be a hit though with everything that comes with it. I was pumped to see that the beef rack comes in a special black anodized option.

I did temporarily re-think my upgrade though with the t-tracks now inside and out. Makes the prime a bit more appealing.

Is this something specific to the V2?

Nope…when you get ready to set your options they will give you the option to select an upgrade package. I did it for the V1 but then got upgraded to the V2 when it switched

Got it. My camper is build #168 so that was definitely not an option when I bought mine.

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Dang! Build #168 is OG!

What’s the prime beef rack?

The prime cut beef rack system for V1 came with two awning brackets a bunch a track nuts in various sizes a set of track nuggets wind skid/deflector and three roof rack bars that black instead of silver.

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Yeah, camper has been on my truck for 2 years already. Fun to see all the improvements that GFC keeps working on!

Package breakdown is like this:
BASIC BEEF - 2x special black beef bars, 4x track nuggets, and 8x t-nuts

PRIME CUT - 3x beef bars, 4x track nuggets, 8x t-nuts, 2x universal mounts, 2x 90 degree brackets, and a windskid.

I am build #1308 so this may have changed slightly as there is no windskid on the V2 (comes with it). I made my pick and then the V2 came out a couple weeks later. Curious if the V2 package is any different now?

Do you need 3 cross bars or 2, that’s the main difference. I hear zero wind noise on my camper on the v1 with no skid thing and I highly doubt it’s gonna save me 20mpg