Adding Yakima round bars

I’m waiting on my build which should be ready may2021.

So while waiting I’m looking into how to add Yakima round bars to the GFC. I know the sell racks that have a set screw to hold the bars in place but I’ve heard the bars still move.

Anyone have issues with the GFC mounts and round bars moving? Other solutions to adding round bars to the campers??

I have the GFC bar mounts and yakima bars. They have been in place now for about 9 months without problems. I use them with my roof bike rack 2-3 times per week. I’ll check them to be sure they are tight. First I’ve heard about the bars coming loose…


Drill a hole in the bar for the set screw if it’s moving around.

Ok good to hear. I saw on another forum about them getting loose. Just wanted to hear from some other owners

I checked mine. The seem nice and tight so far. I’ll keep an eye on them though.


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I haven’t had any trouble with mine. It was actually a pretty tight squeeze to get them into the GFC mount. And, mine have some kind of rubberized coating on them. I check them once in a while but haven’t had any problems. YMMV.

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How far did you all space them out? I am about to pick up my round bars and was hoping to put maxx track across them but also be able to carry kayaks and lumber occasionally.

I spaced mine about 48 inches or so.


I had to move mine to 35" or so in order to mount my ski box.

Mine are at 48" as well and tight as the day I installed them last sept 2020