Advice? Emergency Ladder Rack Mount to get home

Need to pick my new RTT.

Have an aero bar ladder rack with t-Slots and the universal bar mount. Aero bars are 4” wide.

Doesn’t look like the universal bar mount will work for me?

Can someone recommend a mounting method with off the shelf hardware? I believe I can strap it down, but would love to mount it so I can sleep in it on the way home.

Thanks, JP

That’s the rack. It’s a Thule style aero bar rack with t-slots along the bars.

Seems like the only easy way would be to strap it and just undo the straps to sleep in it. If you are worried about it moving while you are sleeping in it you could use the straps to tighten each corner down to the truck bed itself. Without having the rack and truck on hand it is hard to really know what would work well.