Advice on purchasing a pre-owned GFC plz

I’ve got a GFC (#55xx) in my sights for purchase. It’s obvs a late model, so I assume it has most late updates, but what should I be looking for or asking about? It’s bone stock, lightly used. Is there a chart somewhere showing GFC updates by date or build number series?

i doubt there’s a chart.
but make sure you get it transferred under your name with GFC.

Does this mean just emailing them? I recently acquired a used unit so it’s relevant!

Look at the corners of the tent to see if they are in good shape and ask about water intrusion. Both have fixes but will require some effort on your part after the purchase.

yeap just email them. you’ll also need to include the previous owner so he can provide his information as well.

best to just include everyone in one email chain.

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