Aerostraps for ya!

Fun little Aeronaut straps I’m cranking out in my garage studio … at first they were designed to keep your quilt in place to stay warm (no more blanket thieves!) … but they’ve been super handy with lots of other uses.

It would be way fun to see how you all would use these! Great general purpose gear straps, I’ve used these for tethering kayaks together, surfboard storage, kids forts, attaching crampons to alpine packs, you name it. Ultralight and thin, but strong.

40lb working load limit

Do not use where failure would result in damage, injury, or death. Or any other kind of sadness.

:us: Made in the USA

6’ length, and adjustable. Custom metal hardware (aluminum). Comes in packs of 2 :call_me_hand:


Well, of course I’m an idiot. I’m not confused about that fact. I’m not sure what you mean.
Please share how these straps are used with the quilt. I am an owner of an aeronaut quilt, btw. More pictures please. The linked pics almost make sense to me, but I can’t quite wrap my head around it all.



I think they are designed to go under the mattress and clip to the loops on the quilt to keep it “on top” of you



@GFC706 Sorry I was too excited to share and didn’t even show how it works with the quilt! I’ll get on that with some photos to show this better soon, but @oddball is spot on:

  1. Attach one clip to the loop towards the foot of your quilt

  2. Route the strap underneath the GFC mattress to the other side of the tent

  3. Attach the other clip to the other loop on the quilt (by the other foot) and adjust to desired tightness

  4. Sleep loose and warm

It’s nice cause it’s not too “tucked in” or constraining, but feels just right without sliding off or getting stolen by your partner and getting cold at night :call_me_hand: