AEV Maxtrax panel mount?

I came across this on AEV’s Instagram feed last night. Some folks were asking about the mount. There’s a bracket mounted to the side panel holding the maxtrax. I don’t think they’ve responded yet and I couldn’t find anything on their website. Any ideas? Cheers.

Seems like a pretty interesting design, but pricey!
Recovery Board Quick Mount (Maxtrax Mount) for Maxtrax MKII - Expedition Essentials


Crikey. Yeah a wee bit pricey. Thanks for the link. I thought maybe it was an AEV product but I see it is not. Looks like it would have to be screwed into the panel which I don’t think I want to do anyway. Thanks again.

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You’ll never be insta-lander famous with that attitude!


Point well taken! Sounds like I need to rethink my social media strategy now.