AEV vertical tire mount


Been building out my Ram 2500 while waiting for my GFC to arrive in July. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the AEV vertical tire mount:

If you skip to about 11:30 in this video, you’ll see they’ve got it mounted in a truck that has a GFC topper:

The AEV install instructions include a section specifically for accommodating toppers, but I am wondering do I need to give the GFC install folks a heads up or will the GFC seals lay down on the bracket without issue? I’m just looking to avoid running the truck up to Denver for the install and then having some headache because this bracket is laying there where they expect nothing but bed rail.


Had one on my PXL and removed it. The bracket sits on top of the cab side bed rail and will impact the bulb seal for the GFC. Not sure if GFC has a workaround, or just lays the seal over the top of it, so you may want to reach out to them.

I am waiting for the ADD tire mount to arrive and will be using it to secure my spare.

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Alright - that’s what I was afraid of. Glad I asked and thanks for the response.

The ADD’s do look good. Also waiting to hear back from Icky Concepts on when they expect to have their molle panel mount back in stock. Would prefer to have the thing up against the rear wall to minimize the amount of bed space it chews up.

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Makes total sense – I have a 50-gallon auxiliary fuel tank against the cab-side bed wall, so want to tuck my spare against the passenger side wheel well.