Aftermarket Accessories/ Crossbars

Hi all, I am ordering a GFC for my Ford Maverick sometime soon and I am wondering if people could tell me what aftermarket crossbars work with the GFC. I am considering the Beef Bar, but wondering if others function well with the GFC as well.
I don’t need it to carry a lot of load, just something to keep things elevated off the tent itself and maybe allow me to mount some other racks do the road.

Also curious if people find the GFC ladder system vital or if there are others that work just as well.

Would love to hear experiences and input with after market accessories!/10Rack™-for-GFC/p/463865322/category=132880503


Check these out.
He is a forum member here, and a fellow GFC owner. And I can peesonally attest to his stand up guy status.

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I run the yakima bars using the GFC mounts. If you can find the mounts (or fabricate some), the round bars are a great option, IMHO. Josh makes great stuff so you probably can’t go wrong there.


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I don’t have a use for the tracks on the square bars, so I use Yakima bars. They are much sleeker and there are easy to take on and off accessories (that I already had) like bike racks or box for a long trip. I also didn’t like how hard it was to get rope under the beef bars to tie random stuff down and padding them for surfboards or protecting anything else wasn’t going to be easy either.

Thank you, those look sweet.

You are using the universal mount from GFC to mount those?

They work great, qnd you can use all kinds of stuff on the 80/20 extrusion cross bars.