Aftermarket products for the GFC

Thanks for being the Guinea pig, had a feeling that the mass produced ones wouldn’t incorporate as nicely as we’d like. I’ll follow through with measurements to @jedgar.

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@Medicfung @ColoradoNick. I had to modify them (trim the sides) slightly but they fit perfectly after that.

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No need to send them back. They fit.

There are about 5 flexible fins that secure the plug in place. Just trim the first 3-4 and the plug fits nice and snug.


Thats exactly what I did!

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Anybody have pictures of these plugs in place?


whilst not GFC specific - some super cool camping equipment, made by some people with a bunch of experience in the field - the size making it great for campers and RTT’s (but also bbq’s and hammocks and stuff) with a GFC discount currently GOFAST10



The cheap Amazon plugs do work pretty well, after slimming them down a bit. I used an exacto knife to trim them down. Took about 10 minutes.


How are these holding up? Any looseness or rubbing on the panel? Looks really clean!

works perfectly… no looseness or rubbing at all!

Ours are also holding up great 3 weeks in. No looseness, just as easy to close the panel as always!

@PNWTacoma and @lnewell are spot on about trimming the fins down for a better fit. I only left one fin and it’s super solid.


does shittco have a site? how is ordering done?

he uses instagram - mostly

Message him on Instagram.

I ordered the awning set today from him. Super nice guy. All the aftermarket guys I’ve dealt with are super friendly. Josh from JE design, the Gzila guys. All super friendly and amazing customer service.


Getting mine this month.


Did you get a confirmation? I bought one too, haven’t heard anything yet since then…

I did. Ordered Oct. 29th. Got an email saying that it will ship before the 24th of this month. So it really does take 3 months like they say on the site.

Just launched a new thing offering custom art decals for your GFC! (focused on outdoor landscapes). Details in the post I made here: Launching Custom Art for GFC!

Here is a picture of one of the options on my rig:


How much do those Shittco ladder mounts that connect the ikamper ladder to the gfc cost? Do they include the bracket that mounts to the gfc extrusion and mounting hardware, or just the hooks?

Is there a website or anyway to find out more and purchase these, without using instagram. I do not have (and will not set up) an instagram account.