Alignment for rear pin RTT?

I just received the RTT (Haven’t installed it yet) and I went to try and close it for the first time and the rear locking pin enclosure isn’t aligned. Is this normal? Is there a way to adjust this? The passenger side touches. Really don’t want to force it.

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I’m familiar with this “issue” in the camper version of the GFC and I suspect it is the same in the RTT. The roof of the GFC is actually designed to float independently of the floor. This gives it more freedom to move - think heavily washboarded road - without binding up and putting huge stress on the main hinges.

Most folks here recommend, and GFC too I think, a solid whack with a dead blow hammer. If you do a search for dead blow you’ll find a few posts that reference that. The one time this has happened to me I was able to bring the top back into alignment just by pulling it firmly from the corner that was interfering toward the other side. But I was able to get good leverage since mine is already mounted.


Yup. Dead blow hammer…


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@techjansen has the answer. I carry a rubber mallet in the truck tool kit. I have stock suspension still, and still run it on some rough trails. I’ve only had to bump it over a couple times in the couple months that I’ve had it. -Honestly more as a preventative, it only shifts slightly, I’m just anal and like to see it flush. Just a light tap or two should do it.

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I too have had to realign my GFC. One suggestion I’d add would be to TAP ON THE ALUMINUM EXTRUTION not on the corner bracket.


Drivers side.

@OneRoams The guys above are right, a few switch blows from a mallet will square up your roof no problem. The roof of your tent floats, in order to absorb road vibrations and prolong the life of your tent. Misalignment usually presents itself in small increments that don’t deter the use of your tent, and extreme cases like this are usually attributed to handling in shipping.

If you haven’t already, shoot an email over to We’re catching up from the weekend now, but we can send you a video on how to realign your roof.