ALT materials for drawers

Has anyone ever experimented with or seen drawers made from materials other than wood? Obvioiusly decked and others are but I have never seen any DIY. Seems like a lot of weight advantages to either HDPE or fiberglass and foam for a single drawer

Is there anything I’m not thinking of here?

Seems like cost is the big factor. I looked super briefly at the hdpe options and was quickly deterred. But I’m extremely unqualified here so hopefully others will chime in

I am thinking of doing something with 1/4" HPDE and 8020 10 series. The opening in the 10 series is 1/4", so bamboo or kydex or ABS plastic sheeting. For me, I would need something that could support ~250lb person…

I have watched a couple of this guy’s van builds, and I feel like I could try something. If it doesnt work out, I suppose I could sell the parts, and buy something. Goose Gear or something like that is never in my range. Id rather try it out myself a time or 2, and then go from there.

Also, I want to say that I am in no way an engineer, so my faults would be from my own poor design from not actually mapping out what I want to do, or poorly mapping it out. :sweat_smile:


I use these for storage. I dont use sliders with them like on an actual drawer. On my long bed tacoma I have the Toyota bed mat with two of these, then above them I have two 2x8’s with plywood on top of that. The totes have about 1/4" clearance between the top of the tote and the bottom of the 2x8’s. The bed mat keeps them from sliding around but they pull out easy enough and I use them as a cheap drawer/storage solution.