Alternative to Universal Bracket for Awning

I acquired another awning for the rig and need brackets. I was curious if anyone has found alternative solutions to the Universal bracket?

I was wondering about these myself. half the price and same design. I would like 48" awning over the tailgate but that’s low on the list of priortie$

They do look the same…I wonder what the hole spacing is? Too bad they don’t have any kind of data sheet to give that info. The 48” awning is a cool add for sure; just be weary of keeping it installed throughout the winter. I trashed my awning bag and killed the zipper. It’s all being held closed by a ski strap now; but I took it off for the winter.

Found that because I usually have the sled trailer hooked up I wasn’t using it. In the summer it’s nice to shade the entrance to the truck for sure.