Amazon Cooler (Aspenora)

Anyone ever use or tried one of these?

No, but I’ve been using a for a bit now. These guys are OEM suppliers that recently got in the consumer direct game. Seems to have all the features of the more expensive options but at a more palatable price… for me at least.




This is a game changer

I’ve read some reviews about that Cooler, and it seems a pretty nice purchase. It’s been a while since you created the thread, and I’m wondering if you could offer us a review after years of exploitation. I’d be very grateful!

While I didn’t make the post I have one that I have been using for over a year. I didn’t like the handles so I took them off and replaced them with some rope (made it easier to tie down into the truck and carry when needed). That said this fridge is a champ. I have not been nice to it and it has some dings in the body, probably more dust than it should have to deal with. I use it at least every 2 weeks, low power draw.

Low power draw
Never let me down
takes a beating and keeps going
Don’t need to buy ice
Will actually cool down warm stuff :slight_smile:

I didn’t like the original handles
The lid closure is a bit janky (I broke mine then replaced it with a latching hasp I had floating around)
No Ice for when I want Ice water

I would suggest getting their fridge jacket thing as extra insulation is always good :slight_smile:

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