Anchor tent flaps to rails with tarp clips

This helps reduce wind noise and keep it tensioned in the rain, just like you get when you tension the fly on a ground tent. Already shared the solution here but thought I’d post in the Mods/Tips/Tricks channel for ya’ll since others seem to have found it helpful. Super cheap and easy fix for me, hope it works for you too. Thought about installing grommets but this is less invasive. Tent closes fine with them on.


are those s-hooks attached to the track?

I just hook them on to the track, I didn’t permanently attach them. I’m moving towards small dual carabiners that I could keep attached to the tarp clips so I don’t have to remove them before packing up the tent.

Hey did you happen to find carabiners in a size that works?

I liked this but didn’t really want to deal with the clips so I got some e6000 glue and some velcro and just glued strips of vecro onto the bottom of doors and tent side. Used some clamps and some wood to make sure it stayed flat until it was set up. Has worked amazing and don’t have to deal with connecting clips every time.


nice, do you get enough tension to keep the outer flap from making contact with the inner flap and rattling the zippers under wind load? That was my primary desideratum (to prevent myself from being awoken at night from the outer tent flap hitting the inner flap and rattling the zippers) and required significant tension to achieve.

nope, haven’t camped in months. figure any old s-hook carabiner would work though.

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Since I just did across the entire bottom of the doors I basically get no real flapping happening. Down side is that I do have to make sure I open my venting appropriately with the front windows etc as there is less draft

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