Andy Stumpf’s Ultimate Montana Ford Bronco Build

Andy Stumpf’s Ultimate Montana Ford Bronco Build

Want to know what Andy Stumpf did to his new Ford Bronco to get it ready for off-road travel in and around Montana? Read on for complete details.

A Navy SEAL, wingsuit pilot, podcaster, and coffee purveyor, Andy settled on a 2023 Ford Bronco Wildtrack as the basis for his build. In stock form, that vehicle is already one of the most off-road capable SUVs ever made, so his modifications could instead focus on comfort and practicality.

On the roof, of course, is a GoFastCampers Platform Rooftop Tent. Just six inches thick, it takes the smallest bite out of Andy’s fuel economy possible. And, weighing just 135 pounds, it also raises the Bronco’s center of gravity the least possible amount. The tent will open with up to 75 pounds on the roof, giving Andy a bomber shelter no matter what Montana’s unpredictable weather throws at him.

The tent is mounted to the Bronco using a Trailrax roof rack, which is compatible with any hard top Bronco and comes with a 300 pounds dynamic load rating. That should leave Andy with plenty of additional capacity to carry large objects on top of the tent. A fairing on the front of the rack eliminates wind noise.

On the front of the tent, using GFC’s purpose-built mounts, are four Baja Designs LP4s, which provide up to 1,400 feet of forward-facing illumination. Mounted to the A-pillars, are Baja Designs Squadron Pros, which illuminate ditches up to 840 feet away. These give Andy the ability to light up nighttime trails, while adding up to 15 seconds of reaction time at 65 MPH when he’s driving on rural roads after dark.

In the back, a Goose Gear plate system provides Andy a secure place to mount his Dometic CFX3 35 fridge-freezer. He powers that using an American-made 100 Watt Zamp Obsidian solar panelmounted between two Beef Racks using the GFC solar tray. That directs power to a Dometic PLB40 battery, which was purpose-designed to accommodate the unique needs of 12 volt fridges. That system together is capable of running the CFX3 35 indefinitely, whether its temperature is set above or below freezing.

A Goose Gear Tailgate Table then provides Andy with a work surface along with a slide out wooden cutting board for on-the-go meal preparation.

Andy stores his cooking gear in a 50 liter Dometic Go box. Water needs are handled by an 11-liter Dometic Go water jug complete with a battery operated Dometic Go faucet.

Together, all this transforms the Bronco from just an off-roader, into a mobile camp-on-wheels, allowing Andy to bring a considerable amount of comfort and convenience anywhere there’s a dirt road or trail.

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did he get some beefy tie rods? maybe waterproof the top? …not clicking the link

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@GFC @Thayne @Mike_GFCUSA Can you guys tell me how you routed the solar wiring? I’m picking up my camper in July, and I have the same solar panel, and plan on getting your tray. Got the Zamp charge controller, also. Was going to run the solar to my lithium starting battery.

Thanks for any help!


@enjoitheride - Sounds like you’re about to have quite the setup as well. That part of the build was done by Dark Horse Customs here in Bozeman. I’m sure they’d be happy to talk shop on this build and assist you with your own, so give them or a similar shop in your area a shout.


Thank you, Sir!

So love this build! Have a question the color is just Eruption Green with Matte clear wrap???