Another important update from GFC

Sounds good! Thanks for the heads up!

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I’m standing by waiting to run over and pick my camper up; really hoping to make it there and back before I have to start work. Any chance you could squeeze in one install next week? :wink:

Hey dude, unfortunately we still can’t resume installs at the shop. If the stay home order gets lifted this week we’ll be able to reassess, but right now we’re working on plans to get White Glove started back up again, so that might be the best option for you. Send us an email (if you haven’t already) so we can start talking about it.

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@GFC_Taylor When can we expect accessories to start shipping again? I placed an order last week so just curious. Thanks!


any update on the white plaid sheets? they going to be available soon?

I too am waiting on sheets.

The white plaid sheets are in stock and available for sale according to their website. They are sold out of the red plaid. @GFC_Taylor any insight into when the red plaid will be restocked? My truck is red. So the sheets gotta match ya know :slight_smile:

Last I was on there it said in stock but then I got a backorder email with no estimated time to ship.

cc: @jaredology @SVTFordRaptor
All of our sheets are back ordered right now. Before the pandemic, we were making headway with a new vendor (sheets are one of the only products we don’t make in house), but, for obvious reasons, things have since stalled. We’re working on getting this product in stock again, and did not think that it would take this long, otherwise we would have stopped selling them. If you have specific concerns about your order, hit me up via and I can take care of things.

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Can you share the specs of the cushions? I may ask my friend to make me some.


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This is the Go Fast News section of the Forum. Used for important announcements from the company. This isn’t the Bed Bath and Beyond customer service page or the right place to be discussing the sheets on your damn bed…Use the correct forum section!!


Email and I’ll see what we can do.

Hi Taylor. Yes. I agree. I obviously have no problem with any of the messages here, but they should be posted in other sections. Can you limit access to this section to GFC employees only? Every time I see this title I’m hopeful that I will see something official. Not discussions that could be under another section. I’m definitely looking forward to getting my camper. I’m sure I’m checking the forum way too much. Ha!