Another important update from GFC

**I will post more updates as they come through. If you have questions please email

Taylor here from Go Fast. On behalf of the entire team here at GFC I wanted to provide you with another update regarding COVID-19. This will be redundant to some of you because I’ve also sent it out via email.

Starting March 28th, the Governor of Montana has issued a “stay home” order effective through April 10th 2020, requiring all “non-essential” businesses to temporarily put things on hold. You can read his entire statement here. Like many other businesses across our great union, we’re having to press pause for a moment.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let me assure you GFC will be back up and running as soon as we get the green light. Our staff and customers will be taken care of and production on your product will resume as soon as possible.

We intend to take full advantage of this mandated “down-time” by fine tuning and implementing some procedural changes that will allow us to more quickly and efficiently build campers when we are able to resume production. Our team has been crushing it all year, and we plan to hit it even harder when we resume.

Obviously we’re aiming at a moving target; this is a highly dynamic situation, so expect more updates from us in the coming weeks. We’re monitoring the situation closely and are ready and willing to adapt as we need to.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we appreciate your patience.


:expressionless::sob: bummer. I was so close…

Hang in there, bud. We’ll get you squared away just as soon as we can! :muscle:

Perfect timing, my driver side hinge exploded today. Guess I’m rocking the gorilla tape look for the remainder of the pandemic.

Think you can drop a new hinge in the mail to me on your way out of the shop?


ugh. have you reviewed the “what’s up with the hinges breaking” thread? might consider posting there too, for consolidation of information.

Hey, I’ll see what I can do. Would you please send an email to so I can keep things organized?

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Hi Smelly. Are you unit #621? I hope not, as the hinge explosions are hopefully a thing of the past.


Yeah… Disappointment here, I think I was close. This lockdown sucks, but I hope it helps everyone stay safe.


He’s got unit #67! :sunglasses:

Hey Taylor-

I reached out to Mike earlier, but shot another message to the support email address.

As Taylor mentioned - I’ve got an early camper, was on the list for the mobile repair and was thinking it was just going to be a preventative reseal - but managed to join the broken hinge club just in time for things to go on shut down!

Bummed, but in the grand scheme of things I can’t complain too much. I am hopeful when this is all over GFC will take care of me.

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Looks like the US may remain under the stay home orders until April 30 according to what I just saw on the news. I expect that it will affect production. We just have to be patient and stay safe. Disappointed, but I suppose it wouldn’t be a good idea to be traveling around even if I already had my camper…
Stay well everyone.


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My camper was scheduled to be installed on Monday 4/30. :frowning:

Was ready a month ago but pushed it off till a more convenient time. Really I’m wish I would have made the trip sooner.

Mine blew up too. I’m rocking the gorilla tape. Seems to be holding…

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Thanks for the update. I appreciate what you guys are doing for those wanting to get out and see this great country of ours. Be safe.
George B Cox

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Any updates? Did the stay home get extended?


Extended to April 24th for Montana.

Hey all,

The “stay home” order was indeed extended until the 24th of April. With that said, we have put some plans in place to keep some processes going at the shop while adhering to state guidelines.

  • We will resume fulfillment of accessory orders this week. If you were planning on using this mandated downtime to build up your camper, get those orders in so we can send them out to you!
  • Production will resume with a skeleton crew on a staggered schedule. We’re holding our staff to strict guidelines in order to maintain everyone’s safety while we resume production. Because we’re operating with a skeleton crew, we won’t be building campers as fast as we were, but I don’t anticipate having to change any estimated start dates at this time. We were already running pretty far ahead of schedule before all of this went down.
  • Camper installs and deliveries are still suspended at this time, but we’re working on a plan. Expect to hear something from me on this soon. We really want to get these campers out the door and on your trucks.

As always, if you have questions the best way to get in contact with me is through


Great news! Back to looking at the leaderboard everyday


Sweet! Just made my day… not going to lie needed this to look forward to again!


Hi Taylor,

Thanks for the update! With this, I’ll be placing an order for some more accessories. :grin:

One of the items I am looking to order is the larger attachment nuts that are compatible with the Beef Rack Cross bar to allow me to mount the Axia Maxtrax mounts. I was just going to order the attachment nuts that are on the website and send a follow up email with this request. Will this suffice?


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