Another Taco Build | 2022 O.R

New member. First of all - so much great info on this forum - thanks to everyone who has come before and created so many epic products and inspired everyone with amazing builds. Just wanted to start a little thread for my build as I await my Install.

Currently, the truck is on the factory lift and leveling kit (spacers…) I am having a new leaf pack + suspension installed prior to picking up the GFC next month. I went with a Deaver Stage 2 and Elka IFP 2.0 Front and Rear.

Other mods made so far:

  • Cali Rasied Bed Stiffeners
  • Cali Raised Ditch Lights wired to OEM Switch
  • Tacoma Bed Liner

I have also been stockpiling/plan on getting some other products in preparation for the install:

Still need to figure out my water setup & what to do about power. Also planning a simple shelf on top of the wheel wells. I will post more updates/photos as the build continues.

Welcome to any tips or feedback.


I’ve got the magspots and hardcorr lights and they are a perfect combination.


I’ve got the Hard Korr lights as well paired with the MagSpots…. Perfect combination