Any camping recommendations near Santa Fe?

Hey GFC owners,

My wife and I are planning a trip with our 2 year old from Denver to Santa Fe in April. Looking for any recommendations near Santa Fe to camp and visit. Any recommendations appreciated!


A few of us in-house have been itching to check out Diablo Canyon one of these days. From this All Trails info, it looks like a pretty rad option.


Dude yes.
Diablo Canyon -
is well worth it.

Lived down in that area, spent alot of time with the wife down there too. Highly reccomend!

I also used to love this area,

The area between Santa Fe and Taos is well worth the drive too.

Enjoy, I dream of NM.


I lived for many years in Santa Fe and absolutely second Diablo Canyon!

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Also just check out PILAR. Do the Santa Fe - Taos drive. You will literally find yourself breathless at least once on the drive, and i know exactly which spot.