Any door seal maintenance tips?

The seals look like they might need some care. Any ideas do’s and don’ts?

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Hey @jeff.bromley - Happy to help out. Can you provide some additional context and which doors you’re referring to?

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All the doors have seals including the tent. The rubber, I assume it’s rubber, could crack if unattended over time. Wondering if that is understood and what can be done to maintain those seals

@jeff.bromley - I’m not sure I follow. Are you asking for asking for preventative maintenance advice, or are you experiencing a possible issue at the moment? Posting photos in your response will help us out quite a bit.

Adding photos is simple and can be done by clicking this icon when replying.

No issues, therefore no pictures. I thought people understood that maintenance is preventative, by nature. I’m asking what I’m asking “Are there any maintenance tips regarding door seals?” Seems straight forward to me. Since no one else is responding then I assume there is no maintenance suggested. None that I can find on the forum that isn’t V1
BTW Are you a GFC employee?
I’m an old timer who does maintenance to preserve functionality of my things. I don’t wait for failure.
You seem to be a very helpful guy so maybe you are genuinely confused, idk
Final thought, maybe the answer is so obvious it’s hard to realize I’m serious, could be, but I’m completely serious.

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@jeff.bromley Thayne is one of the many wonderful employees over at GFC. I think he’s a bit confused and wants to make sure he gets you the correct advise/answer as there are a couple different rubber seals on the GFC especially depending on whether you have just the rtt or platform camper. Since you are asking about the doors, I’m gunna guess you have a platform camper.
In that case, there’s main 2 seals;

1: the seal captured by the aluminum frame

2: the seal at the rear door along the tailgate

As for maintenance, I just wipe them down once and a while with a wet rag to maintain a good clean seal. However, the tailgate seal is an easy replacement that can be purchased on their website. This is a seal that I could see needing to be replaced every so often as it takes a brunt of the abuse from opening/closing the rear door.


@jeff.bromley - I’m part of our marketing team and admin the forum often as well.

Thanks for sharing the additional context, that helps a lot. My confusion and reasoning for the pictures was to insure we were talking about the same area of the camper. I assumed you were talking about either our panel seals or tailgate seal, and I also wanted to confirm that your desire to perform preventative maintenance didn’t arise from a current or previous issue.

That said, we don’t recommend preventative maintenance for the seals, but as @Buhlockaye mentioned, cleaning these areas is typically enough for longevity. The tailgate seal can wear out a bit over time and is usually accelerated due to improper use. When opening your tailgate, we always recommend opening the latches first to allow for more space/ give.

However, if you’re looking to go above and beyond, most of us use a Gummi Pfledge Rubber Care Stick or 303 Rubber Seal Protectant. A quick wipe down with warm water and/or mild soap prior to applying is all you need to do.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with, my dude.


Ok I’m just getting used to posting here, I’m learning :slight_smile: Thank you, that is what I was after.

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I thought so … and now still do

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I really love the Honda shin etsu grease for door seals on vehicles. Just be sure to use sparingly and wipe excess because it will attract dust.