Any GFC owners in Ohio/Michigan/PA

I just ordered my GFC XL for a 2019 Ram 1500 (build 1295) and was wondering if there are any GFC owners in either of These States? I’ve in Ohio and would like to connection with other owners.

Also, does anyone know who these GFC owners are? I met them in Chattanooga about 6 weeks ago and they were the ones who introduced me to GFC. I wanted to thank them. 20201206_151045|690x335

I’m in cleveland and still waiting for my build… soon.

I’m in Maryland and got mine in November.

Thanks, I live between Akron and Youngstown. My build will likely start in March.

I’m in SouthEast Michigan. Build 1353.

Yea I live in NE Ohio and my build is 1295 which is supposed to go into production in March.

Here’s mine and go to Columbus a lot to see friends.

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Build 220 here. I live in NW Ohio.

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Nice, what State do you call home?

Nice, looks like you have had your for a while now. I’ll PM you.

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Yes, it was installed a year and a half ago now.

I’m due in June 2021(#1766) XL for 2020 Chevrolet 2500 HD in northeast Indiana. Looking forward to trip to get installed.

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