Any GFC owners in Portland, OR?

Sorry @heaveho I don’t have a post on this - this thread is how I have been following along. Is there a different one?

I’m fine with the Hillsboro Fred Meyer and yes we will be going out Highway 6 to the Browns Camp entrance of Tillamook State Forest.

So to kind of make things as official as they get here we go.

Meetup at:
Fred Meyer
7355 NE Imbrie Dr
Hillsboro, OR 97124

9AM meeting time. Plan to be rolling at 9:30.

We will run a few easy trails but mainly fire roads. We may still run into snow the way the weather has been around here lately. There are a couple spots I’m thinking of where there is space for many rigs to hang out and BS/cook/drink coffee/etc.

Bring FRS/GMRS radios if you got ‘em.

Right now the roster looks like:

If I missed anyone please let me know. Looking forward to it.


Thanks for the post. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Not that any of us will be hard to find sporting our GFC “backpacks” and all but here is my rig in case anyone is looking for me Sunday morning at Fred Meyer.

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Nice looking 1st gen!

Got our truck back from the shop and just in time for my birthday tomorrow! Still need to get the GFC back on but count us in for Sunday.

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Unfortunately I have to head down to Medford for the weekend and won’t be back in time :frowning: hope you guys have a good time so we can do it again in the future. :call_me_hand:t3:

I can make it out tomorrow, ill be in my white zr2 . I was out in TSF last weekend but passed browns to go down to jones area, still looked like quite a bit of snow up there around the 2500ft elevation, hopefully most has melted out now.

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I don’t think ill be able to make it tomorrow still feeling sick from food poisoning. I look forward to hearing how it goes, and let’s get another one on the calendar.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it out today, but I wanted to throw out the idea of a summer solstice camp out for the next meet up. The solstice is on a Wednesday this year so we’d have to do the weekend before or after. Would be the at the end of June


One of my fav spots outside of Sisters.
Happy to share location if yall are interested.

One of my fav spots outside of Sisters.

Good Portland GFC outing yesterday with @Zr2_Matt @pat_man @heaveho

It was a rainy Sunday and as someone said “it’s a good day to be in a truck”. We met up in Hillsboro and headed out to Tillamook State Forest where we ran mostly fire roads but some trails. There is still a lot of snow up in the hills and we ran into quite a lot in some areas that limited our options.

Overall great to meet all of you mentioned above. I didn’t take too many pics but will post what I got below.


I vote for the weekend after the 21st. Somewhere in the Ochocos?

I’d be down to join an Ochocos trip for sure.


Sorry to have missed you all. I had a rather unfortunate string of events this weekend but am excited for the next meetup.

Ochocos sound fun!

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Count me in for Ochocos as well, that area has been on my list for awhile and have not been able to get there to date.

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Sounds like we need to make the Ochocos happen. I’d be all over it.

Southern Ochocos are well worth the day too.

Happy Mt St Helens day.

I have started a forum thread to gauge interest for a Summer Solstice trip to the Ochocos for GFCers.