Any GFC owners in Portland, OR?

Hey there, I am almost ready to pull the trigger on a V2 platform camper, but I really want to see one in the flesh before I put down my deposit. I’m hoping one of you would be good enough to give me a brief tour of your rig. I know we’re all concerned with COVID, but I am fully vaccinated and used to wearing a mask all day at work. I’m getting ready to retire and want this purchase to be.the last one I make. Thanks in advance! Michael

Hey Michael, I will be passing through Portland on my way home from my install on Feb. 11th and would be happy to let you take a look at my V2, if there are no other opportunities for you between now and then.

I’m not in Portland, but we will be at Ocean City SP in Washington from the 31st thru the 7th, and then at Cape Disappointment SP until the 14th. We have a V2 XL and are retired and fulltime traveling. You can certainly come see our rig if you don’t find someone closer.

I’m in Portland and would be happy to show you my V2 after I get home from my Feb 5 install date!

I’m in Portland. Just got mine installed. If he happy to show you the set up.

Jcknapp74, I sent you a message.

Wow, can’t believe the quick response. Thanks everyone! I replied to Jcknapp because his camper is here now. I’d like to place my deposit next week if everything looks good.

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When I was down there a few weeks ago it seemed like every third car was a tacoma with a GFC!


Our GFC V2 won’t be ready til March. Don’t forget to check out our local version up on Lombard, Super Pacific—another high quality product in my opinion, and even more local but more $$ and longer wait time.

See you tomorrow :wink: looking like nice weather.

Also in portland. Got mine installed in November, happy to give you a tour

Big thanks to Jcknapp74 for showing me his new V2 ! Looks like the community here is full of good folks!


Anyone in NE Portland that has a V2 that I can take a look at?

I’ll have mine first of April, work in NW Portland and live in Vancouver

I’ve got a V2 in Portland that I would be happy to show you. Hit me up with a DM if interested.

I can also show mine. I’m in NE Portland

I’m a new Super Pacific owner (Ford F150) and I would love a chance to see a GFC side-by-side. Anyone game?

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I’m in SE (Foster-Powell) and am hoping to find someone with a V2 who wouldn’t mind showing it off to me and my wife. We just sold our camper trailer and are considering the GFC to replace it.

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We are in Lents. You are more than welcome to swing by and check out our V2.


I’ll be picking mine up next weekend, I’m up in Vantucky