Any GFC Tacoma owners in the Dallas Texas Area?

Looking for a GFC Tacoma owner in the Dallas Texas area… is love to check out your rig and grab some measurements! I’ll buy the beer!! :beer:

I’m near white rock with build #130. Be happy to let you take a look.

Nice man! What year is your truck build?

It’s a 2009 DCSB. Nothing too fancy besides the camper really. But you’re more than welcome to check it out!

Ah perfect man! I’m a gen 2 also I’m looking to take some measurements for a MOLLE panel I’m having fabbed up for the front of the space frame

Right on. Let me know when/where works for you and we can get you those measurements:+1:

Thanks brother! I’m currently deployed right now but I’ll be back March-May and I’ll hit you up then!

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Sounds good man! Thanks for your service and be safe out there!

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I just picked up mine on Monday. I am in Carrollton area. I have a '19 ACLB TRD OR. Love to meet up with other GFC owners in the area sometimes.


Nice man, I’ll keep my eyes open.