Any March camp sites near Belgrade or Yellowstone?

It’s March, I’m driving from western WA to Belgrade for my install (15 Mar), hoping to find a camping area to test my new GFC camper, and will be breaking in my significant other on camping. It will be in the 20s and sunny, all campsites nearby appear to be closed, including some recommended in recent posts. Any recommendations for areas to just stop and camp overnight, and check out the equipment? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Hope you brought them a great sleeping bag otherwise 20 is going to feel miserable :joy:

I have no recommendations as I just used onX during my trip to find free spots. I didn’t pin any locations. We did however group camp for the meetup at Pipestone which was blm I believe.

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This was Pipestone.

My trip isn’t for a couple weeks, but I used hipcamp and booked a spot for cheap in bozeman. Coming from Portland so figured I’d knock out a few hours of the drive home that day and finish it up the next day.

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Thanks. Yes, I have a good sleeping bag but this trip will test my judgement. I loaded OnX Hunt last night - not sure how to find free camping with it yet.

I’ll check it out, thanks.

Pipestone seems a good location. Must be nice to camp there as a group.

I’m not sure if onx hunt and onx off-road are the same but I’ve only used off-road

I think if you know where you’re going, Hunt will be enough, but if you are looking for OnX tools, the best bet is to get off-road. I have been using OnXhunt for a few years now and just started playing with Off-road.

Thanks Jonah. I just loaded OnX off-road. I’ll check it out on the trip.