Any one make a awning using universal brackets and tarp?

looking for cheap and easy awning ideas. let’s see what you did. thanks

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I’m using a Haskia awning that I got for about $120 on Amazon. The awning is nice and roomy and stands up to more wind than I would have thought, but the poles and line tensioners that come with it are pretty worthless. I got a much better pair of poles and replaced the tensioners with Nite Ize Camjams and it now works great. it fits right over the rear of the GFC, so no rain gets in like some awnings. Here’s a photo before I got the new poles. Now that I’ve set it up a few times, I can do it in about 5 minutes. That’s the thing about awnings. If you can’t put it up quickly, you’ll never use it.

cool. I agree if something is difficult to set up it will become an ornament. I think my biggest issue is my truck is tall and my gfc brackets are 93" from the ground so whatever I get will be difficult to reach.