Any Options You Regret Getting?

Do you have any options that you now regret getting on your camper?

We got our camper on my '22 Maverick back in August. We had an epic installation road trip from Greenville, SC to Belgrade and back and I’m loving the camper so far

Ours is probably considered pretty standard based on the photos I’ve seen on here and in the build gallery - black panels, tangerine tent color, tent side doors, beef racks, and front/rear windows. I just ordered the TurboNap last week since I’m not a fan of the old mattress at all even with the OSG topper. I’m really hoping it’s a significant improvement!

My one regret now is getting the windows in the topper. I thought I’d want them for visibility but between the side mirrors, blind spot warning system and backup camera, I’m finding that I really don’t need the windows. I hate the lack of privacy even after getting a very dark tint on the rear window and rigging up a little curtain. I’m looking at getting a hanging seat organizer to hang in the bed in front of the front window for both privacy and additional convenient storage in my tiny truck bed.

In hindsight, I really should have saved the several hundred dollars and not gotten the windows.

Has anyone else gotten any options that they now regret getting?


I second this. I enjoy the windows in mine and recently installed the cover from OSG. Seemed like a nice compromise to have the windows and privacy when needed. Lots of other cool solutions others have come up with to cover the rear window.

Sometimes I think the window would be nice for light but one of the big reasons that I went with the go fast was for the privacy/security of having a locking canopy and not allowing people to see inside is a perk.


I skipped the windows and don’t mind, I ended up adding a molle panel on the front wall and wouldn’t be able to see anything anyways. I think my only regret is getting 3 beef bars, I think 2 would have been fine. I haven’t added solar yet and I may be doing that soon, maybe that will make the 3rd make sense but I’m not sure yet.

I went with the full spec when I ordered mine - front/back windows, tent side doors, etc. I knew I could always cover the windows if needed, but I have that option at least. And, I intend on upgrading my truck in a few years and will most likely need a new camper, so I wanted something that would increase resale value by virtue of having all available options. Cost a little more, but I believe I’ll recoup a part of that when it’s time to let it go and hopefully, the options will make it sell faster.

As for anything I regret buying, I’d say all the extra t-nuts and random hardware I thought I’d need (universal mounting brackets, etc) and continue to hoard because I’m sure they’ll come in handy at some point :rofl:

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I regret vinyl wrapping the roof because after about a year, it cracked and got so worn from the sun. Huge pain in the ass to remove. Probably better off wrapping the interior side but with the heat it will likely end with the same result.


Have you thought about putting carpet on the interior ceiling? The 3M headliner glue holds up amazing.

Asking out of curiosity, do you know if was it car wrap vinyl, or outdoor/UV resistant vinyl? There are so many kinds and here in SoCal I see a lot of indoor stuff getting used outside (for signage) and getting cracked/ugly.

Agree that treating the inside is the safe bet. Very little UV, if any, is making it to the inside.

i bought mine from a fellow member and it comes with side doors and windows, so not much I can complain about lol

But I’m on the fence about the front/ rear windows. I like to keep an eye on the rear end traffic when driving, so that’s helpful. But at the same time, I feel the lack of privacy. I’ve been meaning to measure the window size for overland softgoods curtain kit but keep on forgetting lol

No because I’m not a huge anti-condensation guy.

@Vice_Chief it was a 3m vehicle wrap product. I believe they would last longer on garage-kept vehicles but with my camper, the garage is out of the question.

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But it would cut the light out like the vinyl and wouldn’t fail from the heat