Any pics of the V2 Platform RTT Prinsu mounting brackets?

Hey, I’m looking for some pictures of how the brackets look and work to mount the v2 platform rtt to a prinsu top rack. Also how much height do they add to the underneath of the rtt?

I actually just had some e-mails with GFC about mounting the tent–one of the items was how their “aftermarket rack mounts” worked. They sent me this image last night which shows the outrigger blocks mount to a U-shaped channel with holes drilled into it. On the Prinsu since it’s relatively flush with the side rails you would be able to drop bolts into your crossbars and secure them with washers and nuts inside the channel of the tent mount. I tried to look for the e-mail chain about height because I know I asked about it, but I’m thinking that might have actually been a phone call. The height of their mounting bars is either 1" or 1.5", but I can’t remember exactly

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Thanks for the picture. That kinda gives me an idea about how it will work.