Any plans for a camper for the Ford Maverick

Hi. I tried to search for this high and low but haven’t seen anything. Has anyone heard about plans for a Maverick GFC option?

I was wondering the same thing but the maverick is only available in 4 door so the dreaming stopped there

It’s a much different bed than a standard truck so it will take a little longer to support. Doesn’t help that they are about as rare as hens teeth these days.


Check out this guy on IG.


Interesting, so a GFC RTT altered to fit with a custom shell. I’m jealous of the windows! No cabana mode though

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If the Maverick GFC does become a thing, I will be very seriously considering trading my Forester for a Maverick. I’m one of those people who doesn’t really need a truck, but would absolutely love a GFC for west coast road trips and beaches. The Maverick matches my Forester on price and MPG. I’ll be watching patiently!


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Well look at that. Very cool. Of course I learned today that one can buy a $25k Maverick on Carvana for $40k, which is ridiculous. I’ll have to look into ordering a 2023 model from Ford and wait a long time, I think.

This guy is interesting. I think I read a comment he posted saying he spent upwards of $10k in materials just to make the GFC (rtt) essentially a slide in. Definitely the most badass 4.5’ bed camper you’ll ever see though. I think my goal would be to replicate that build as much as possible with a standard GFC, non-custom camper if/when I order a Maverick.

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