Any V1 s with embassy hinges going to overland east?

I have a V1 and had original hinge failure on the driver side door. GFC says they will ship me hinges to install myself if I insist. If I could see how another V1 has had the new hinges installed I may feel I could do it myself then have the hinges sent. Otherwise I will have to wait until the next east coast pit stop occurs. I live in finger lakes New York.
I am going to overland east and would very much like to see how embassy hinges were installed on a V1 camper. Btw, my wife and I have used our GFC on trips long and far in our 11months having it. We love it.

I will be there and have a V1. But I read somewhere here on the forms that the pit is heading Massachusetts sometime here in the near future.

Had GFC install mine but they look simple enough as long as you have a qood drill and bit and good rivet gun.

Thanks guys. Calder from GFC just contacted to say they will be in MA next week. I will try to coordinate getting hinges replaced with a trip to Maine. Looking forward to it, then a trip to Expo

I have a v1 and upgraded the three hinges myself. You could totally do it yourself if you’re patient. I’m not going to expo but i live in the city and I’m going to Maine end of the month, if you are nearby and want to check them out.