Any V2's around Canyon Lake Texas I can see?

I want to actually see a V2 for my Tacoma before I pull the trigger, but live in the hill country of Texas. Is there anybody around here that has one I could see and touch (Austin, San Antonio, etc.)?


I’ll be in San Antonio on August 19th. I’ll be in town for a week or so. If you don’t see a V2 before then, I’ll be happy to show you mine.

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I just spoke with Graeme today. My build will be ready around the end of Oct. I’m in Buda so pretty close to SA. Would really appreciate if I could meet up to check it out?:pray:t3:

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Are you still planning on being here? The weekend looks good for us, or early next week. When would be good for you?

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Making new friends is always fun! Hope you get your GFC soon Steve :blush: