Anybody looking to sell their GFC? Tacoma Long Bed

Let me know if you are looking to sell! Located in SoCal but willing to drive wherever.


I am about to put my truck and GFC up for sale on craigslist… going full size. I think it would sell really well as a pair but for the right price I may be able to let it go separately. I live in Boise. It has black panels and grey tubing, front and rear window. Gen2 tent material. Haven’t had the hinges updated yet but supposedly on the list for the update. It would come with one set of sheets, two roof rack cross bar mounts, 20ish track t-nuts and 4 taco bed track t-nuts. Let me know what you think. I’m not 100% on selling it right this second but likely within the next month.

Hey man, I am definitely interested. What price were you thinking? Also, what build number is it?

Looking for at least $6500 since it would cost 7k for everything plus a year and a half wait. I can’t remember the exact build number but somewhere around 100. It has the 3" mattress (which from what i have heard about the 2" may be more comfy). I have the old gen1 tent fabric around in case you wanted to switch back or had problems with the current model

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I’ll take it. And I am willing to wait a month since you aren’t in a hurry. Can you shoot me a text? 714 623 3458

Can we schedule a call?