Anyone added side windows/vents?

Build #620-ish here. Has anyone added windows or additional vents to the side doors? I have some concern about my dog getting too hot back there with just a rear corner opened for ventilation.

@GFC any chance you are working on a side window option?

I second this question. Would definetly be interested in some extra ventilation in the side doors also. It would be especially great if it was a GFC design and option and not a retrofit job.

Just cut it… it’s amazing.


I suspect that GFC believes that IG is more effective for marketing purposes. It would be great if they would be more involved in the conversations on the forum. It’s hard to find useful info on IG.


That was a while ago. Lol


I would be interested in a side window option from gfc?

Or DIY this window,

Has anyone installed a side window yet?

I thought about a vent in a side panel but worry about water intrusion. I’m going to put a vent in the top. I’ll post when I’m done because I’m going a little different route than the rest of the guys. My fan is less CFM’s but will be constant because it’s solar with a battery.

Does GFC still recommend opening the corner of the panels? With the hinge failures I wonder if that is now verboten.

That’s my issue, dogs in back with no windows to open and I wonder too if GFC still wants us to prop open corner for venting? I don’t want to add any additional stress to the hinges

when I installed, they no longer recommended corner venting.

at least you have the vent! haven’t worked through if my dog will be ok back there without some kind of circulation (when parked and locked up).

If the new hinge design stops the failures, I will probably add a sliding window with screen on one side. I’m not worried about any water intrusion, I just worry about the added stress on the hinges. If someone installs before I do this summer let us know how it goes!

Digging up some old ones here. Anyone solved this yet? Had my dogs in the back yesterday and ended up pulling over after ~15 minutes to let them out of the sauna that was being created in the back. Wondering about adding some vent covers to the side panels to allow airflow with out creating a giant leak path. Maybe the new hinge will allow for windows?!


I would like some kind of small opening/closing vent.

The solar vent is helpful but it would be nice for more airflow.

Window with vent Is on my list of mods, I think I will wait to get the new hinges. I picked up last Thursday at GFC So didn’t get the new hinges on my build. After looking closely at the inside it looks like the window would have to be smaller than a traditional topper window to fit between the frame.

For now dogs are in the cab.

I too would love to have sliding windows with screens in the side panels! Both for panoramic views and for airflow. Maybe with the new hinges the extra weight of the window is ok? I’d be fine if the window didn’t line up with the frame tubing.

Personally, I don’t need a ‘window’ Just a 5"x10" opening/closing/ vent would be fine. It needs to be water tight when closed.

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Would something like this serve the purpose and work in a side panel?



Thinking something more low profile like below as what you linked would add a giant OML bump which I’d rather avoid.


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Have any of the earlier posters here pursued any mods? I confirmed with GFC engineering that there isn’t a solution they’re offering to vent the camper with panels closed.

I like the idea of the butterfly vents earlier in the thread. I don’t have my camper yet but I’m trying to determine what my options are. Having my pups in the cab like GFC suggested would be my first choice but it’s not an option when traveling with my wife and two kids.

I really want the GFC to work out for me and my family but it’s an expensive purchase knowing it will require an additional mod. I’d feel better seeing a solution that works, so please show me your mods.

I’m also curious if anyone has tried installing a slider window on one of their side panels. I’d like to know if folks think the side panel would be solid enough to work with it. Thanks in advance!


Yes I’d love to see anyone’s mod as well. I plan to sleep the kids is the cab with the adults up top, I think they will need a window so it doesn’t feel so claustrophobic. I’m not always going to be in places that I’d feel comfortable leaving the panels up at night especially given how young my kids are.

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