Anyone else have this experience? Is there a fix?

The rod that runs through a channel in the frame and secures the front panel of the tent is protruding through the end cap. I’ve repositioned this many times but it still protrudes over time on it’s own. Has anyone else had this happen? Should I just put some silicone in the hole to secure it? Just seems strange that it would do this just by driving around.

Fill out a service ticket. GFC will take care of you. They put a set screw in those holes now to hold those in place.

Furthermore, they’ve also devised Kedar core that is set length and comes in rod form that is cut to length that does hold a littler better. Depending on your build # they will work with you and get you situated.

They took care of me for the above.



Here’s a link to our Service Request Form. Go ahead and fill that out when you get a moment and the team will get that squared away.

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