Anyone have a v2 in Denver/Boulder area?

I would be stoked to check out a v2 in person, especially on a Tacoma. I am hoping to pick mine up in about 3 months. There must be at least one of you in the area that wants to show off your build, right?

Im hoping to pick up my V2 up in August :crossed_fingers:. Already have plans to drive through Denver on the way home. I could definitely stop by and show it off. Have a 2nd gen Tacoma

That would be awesome! I have a second gen too, silver shorted double cab. If you remember, shoot me a dm when it gets closer.

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Definitely will do! Just waiting on my installation call now. Should be this week or next!

I’ll be back in early July and can show it off. Picking up June 25th.

Sweet! Yeah let me know. So soon, bet you can’t wait

I’ll have mine the first or second week of July. Let’s keep in touch

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I’m also in the Denver/Boulder area and would love to take a look as well!

I pick up my XL V2 on July 17th, I’ll be back in the Boulder area on the 22nd or 23rd.

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We have a V2 on a Tacoma access cab up in Fort Collins. Worth the wait. Happy to show it off if you’re in the area


I am picking mine up this weekend and will be in the Denver/FC area for anyone that wants to come check it out! Mine is on a DCSB 3rd gen taco

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Message me if you want to swing by Boulder to check out the GFC, I’m here until August 1.

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Update: I’ve got the V2 strapped on and ready to go if anyone wants to swing by to kick the tires and put hands on the GFC. I’m in Boulder but would be down to meet up if there’s time. Here’s what I’ve got:

-Blue panels
-Front and rear windows
-Orange tent.
-Extra doors on both tent sides.
(Installed on '98 Taco extended cab, 6 ft bed)

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Great to see there’s a group of us! Life got crazy so I didn’t end up reaching out to anyone and now I head up for my install this Friday (woot!!) I’m sure I’ll see some of you around town and would be fun to do a group meet up…maybe somewhere close with a good view of the mountains for a couple hours in the evening

I’m in for sure. Beers+Mountains+GFC, yup sounds like a good time…I added the beers, didn’t think you’d mind.

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Are you build 1504? If so, I see your rig on the Pro Team page of the GFC site, amazing setup!

My install is Friday too! Honk or wave if you see me! Im on the way there now. Currently in Wyoming. Gray panels, no windows, orange fabric

Ill be in Denver on the 16th

Sweet, I bet you’ll pass me heading south after install, we are Saturday. I will have grey panels and orange tent too, on a silver 2nd gen. Safe travels!

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not 1504, but I looked up that build and your right it’s totally rad.

I will be in Loveland next weekend for the overland expo! We should all do a meet up for sure!