Anyone Know what this is?

Does anyone know what this is and if a Dometic fridge would hook up?

Looks like an attwood 7622-7 trolling motor plug.

I wouldn’t trust my fridge to offbrand electrical equipment, especially when the Dometic Hardwire kit is only $50 and is designed to work with your fridge.

Do you know if there’s an adaptor to the Attwood? Or a long cord to connect the Dometic Fridge to the Cigrete liter in the truck?

The reason for Fridge not in the back seat is two dogs!

The part number I posted comes with a male and female side.

The Dometic kit comes with a 20ft cable, more than long enough to go from battery to bed on most trucks. And you get the length of the stock DC plug to close any gap.

If that doesn’t work I would recommend going to a local boating supply store, they usually have a good selection of electrical supplies that would be suitable for anything you are trying to do.