Anyone know where to get the V2 expanding grommets/anchor screws

Looking to add more anchor points, would like to find the same screw/rubber grommets that comes with the V2. Thanks!

You should be able to find them at well-equipped normal hardware stores. They are called rubber well nuts. I think GFC gave the specs in a previous post. I’ll edit if it find it.

Edit: here you go.

Reading your post again and think you’re wanting to make additional new holes in the GFC frame to add mounting points. This might be fine, I’m not sure, but I would check with GFC as to whether this will affect your warranty. Like maybe it would only affect the warranty of the part you change, which would maybe be an acceptable risk, but just check before drilling any new holes.


Thanks! I found them at my local Ace Hardware. I discussed adding additional holes when getting my install, they said it shouldn’t be an issue for structural integrity or warranty, but I imagine there is a tipping point (as in too many holes).

I added holes to install a cargo net for bedding. Got the idea from my buddy who is also the reason I own a GFC in the first place.


Sorry for hijacking but what lights / how did you mount them? They look great from what I can see.

No worries… I got the truckparts light kit:
Its not cheap, but I like all the features (upper and lower dimmers, white and red lights, pre wired, etc.) and don’t have the time to build everything from scratch. I did a few customizations like mounting lights to underside of bed vs. door panels.

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Very cool. That looks great!

Can you post the part number or sku from Ace? Im interested in buying some

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I’ll be keeping a eye on this!!

i couldn’t find it on ace’s site

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