Anyone make a Security Screen for Camper Windows?

as the title states, does anyone make a security screen for the camper windows? RSI makes one for their SmartCap EvoC, and was wondering if this is something that someone has made for the GFC yet.

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I haven’t seen any security screens but a tweaker with a prybar or angle grinder could get through the side panels in about 2 minutes. This wouldn’t slow them down.

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I was contemplating a sheet of expanded steel over the window and held in with double sided tape as a deterrent. I’m not ready to drill any holes in the panels yet otherwise it would be bolted in

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There is mounting hardware and studs with discs that epoxy on to the surface. They are very strong.

that would be perfect

I just got one of those front window screens from Amazon and cut it to size. Then I used velcro tape on the screen and the camper around the window and it’s good to go. Takes 10 seconds to put on and cost under $30.

Could you share some pictures?