Anyone near Charlotte, NC with a Platform Camper?

If so, beer’s on me if I can check it out. 99% sure I’m getting one, and up close look could seal the deal.

Im sure someone is around… mine will be here in a couple weeks and I’m just north in Va. Would happily cruise down at the end of next month if you dont find something sooner.
Lynchburg, Va
Family in Asheville so i could make it a weekend or something, no problem.

Hey Casablanca - thanks for the offer! I’d love to meet up with you, I don’t mind the drive to Lynchburg or Asheville. I’m nearer to Asheville more often (frequently, actually) so there would be great! Beers on me, of course.

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Heck yes! Or maybe even just north of Charlotte?

I have not gotten a full confirmation on delivery yet, as soon as i have it i will ping ya.

Sounds good, north of Charlotte works, too. Check your map to Nebo, NC. I’ve got access to a cool property up there that’s nearby Fonta Flora brewery. Might be a good spot to meet.

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Yes. That looks like a very cool spot. Would be stoked to meet ya there!

Im in Charlotte. V1 though

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What’s up my man? Did you take delivery on yours? I’d love to check it out - as you know from my other thread, I’m on the fence big time and need to get something ordered.

Its being delivered tomorrow!
I have to drive to Asheville on Saturday. Might you have time to meet up kinda early Saturday on my way to Asheville or Sunday Mid Day on my way back to Lynchburg?

Thanks for the reminder, hope all else is good