Anyone need a pull down strap!

I made some pull down straps you can attach by hand if anyone is interested I have some up ready to go. I set them up with two mounts so you have a backup just in case. The strap is 37”.
Mount and dismount with just a twist no tools needed.


that is a great idea. is there anyway to modify the design for a GFC t-nut? I’m just spit balling here. maybe leave an access hole in the strap loop and drill a hole for the screw?

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Yes!! There’s a design coming that will use t-nut


So far, so good with my pull down. I leave it on all the time and just thread a long length of 3/4 tubular webbing through it when I open the camper. It also serves as a mid-height roll-up-the-tent-door keeper that way.

Thanks for making this piece!

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Glad to hear it Ben.
You got the first prototype! I ended up using 1" webbing for the final design. I am glad you found the second intended use for it. I totally forgot to say it can be used like a door holder. :rofl:

Your design is a nicer aesthetic than my ad-hoc solution. Although I’m happy with the eyebolt approach, it required loosening one side frame. Getting the roof panel back into the loose side frame was a finicky process with some risk of delamination, LOL.

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Interesting idea, looks solid!
I am working on a hardware mounted version at the moment I should have complete design by sunday. It will have a removable component so the strap doesn’t have to hang all the time and you can use the strap to hold the door up.

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