Anyone notice green tent rod protruding on v2?

Had our first day of sun in awhile today so went out to check on the camper. I noticed these green rods are starting to poke out. Anyone seen this before? I tried wedging them back in but they are being a little stubborn.

Was told these are the cords that hold the fabric in the rails. Mine are sticking out as well. Support said to use a screwdriver to push back in. No luck. Just hoping they don’t keep pushing out.

I’ve seen the same thing on my V2 also.

Same on mine. Cut the crap out of my hand while I was bolting something to the rail - that’s how I found it. No luck pushing it in but didn’t try very hard. I would think just cutting more flush would be a good solution too.

Cutting might not be a good idea as it may have shifted out its seat on the other end and may need to be repositioned. Try doing it with the clamshell partially closed to release the tension.

Mine is protruding on the same side where I can’t get the tent lock pin to release. Wonder if there’s a correlation.

Back right side for me is the same, wasn’t like that until maybe the 20th time I opened/closed.

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Nothing to worry about, just use a small allen key to poke them back into place with the tent closed… you won’t have much luck with it open!

Calder in support said as others to just push it back in.

Mine was out 1/8" since I bought it - at least around then when I noticed it. Since then, it has come out more. Currently out over 1/2".

Can’t get it to push back in - was told to cut it flush. I will do that, and just keep track of how much I have cut off in case it happens again. Wouldn’t want it all to come out in 1/4" increments over a year and have the tent detach!

As scoutdog mentioned above, you can push it back in, just make sure there isn’t tension in the fabric. If it looks like the OP’s with the cord cut into a point, cut it square and use an 1/8" allen key to push it back through.

Thanks for all the comments. I was able to get one rod back in easily. The other one ended up poking out nearly an inch and wouldn’t budge.

Fast forward a couple days of driving around town and I noticed the rod had slid itself nearly back into place. I was then able to push it back in with the allen key.

May try cover or plug the hole to prevent it from happening again…